Men-Why do you hide your emotions?

Women: Would you want to be with a Men who is overly emotional?

Mia age43, I’ve never had a man who was overly emotional, I’ve had plenty who didn’t show emotions at all, I wouldn’t want a man who was to emotional, I would question his sexuality.

Sparkle age 27, My boyfriend that I’m with now is very emotional; He does it to get my attention. He is always complaining about things, crying about stuff it’s a little aggravating but I still love him.

Keisha age 32 I wish my man would show me more emotions instead of having me wonder what’s on his mind and how he feels about things, I think it would help our relationship, because I would know how he really feels about certain issues instead about of me having to guess.

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Men: What are some of the nagging things women do?

Women: Why do you nag to men?

Katrina 32- Well my man says that I always complain about everything, however if he would just do the things I ask him to do,then I would not complain

Linda 54- Because they are assholes, because they do stupid things, they say stupid things and they act stupid

Keisha 44-Cause you lazy, you don’t pick up behind yourself, you don’t help around the house, you quick to go out with your friends and to sports events, but you don’t want to have a romantic dinner with me.

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