Should All Men Pay Child Support

Well lets see….I think that child support should be for the fathers that do not help support their children. There are some fathers out here that are excellent fathers, and I commend you all for stepping up to the plate. But then there are ” the dead beat dads” as well. And the ” dead beats” are the ones which whom child support should be geared around. There are men whom do not live in the house hold with the mother and child but still feel as though they take care of their kids so they feel as if they should have to pay child support.
Lets disect that situation:
Man lives with another woman and makes more kids.
Man pays $100 a month for the kid that is not in the home with him.
Man says that that $100 takes care of the kid
Mom has to pay for rent/mortgage, utilities, daycare, food, clothes and extra curricular activities for school because dad feels as though that $100 is enough….HOW?
This is not equalivent to being fair.
Back to my original question, Should every man have to pay child support? NO….Not the one’s whom are handling their business and doing whats right but for all of the “DEAD BEATS” out there…..YES!!!
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Should Weed Be Legal?

Should Weed be Legal?

If you ask a weed smoker if weed should be legal, guess what your answer might be? More than likely it will be a yes.

In todays world I personally do not think that weed should be legalized because of the effect that it has on alot of people, young and old. Some people say that they can function and it relaxes them. Which to them may feel true but the reality of it is that they cant really function in the same way as if they were sober.

Some people wakes up to a blunt for breakfast and need a blunt for their night cap. Weed makes you for get alot and it makes people lazy. So many young people can be doing so many things with them selves like working or going to school but because they would rather sit in the house with their “friends” and get high, that prevents them from applying themselves to do more with their lives. For example, I know this girl, she’s 26 years old with 3 small children and was living in low income housing. Her rent was only fifty bucks a month, utilities included. Now, if you have ever been on your own, you will know that you can not live any where for fifty bucks a month other than with your partents or grand parents house. Well, this girl never smoked weed before until a year ago. Before the weed, she would keep a job, now that her bady is dependent on the marijuana (so she thinks) it has made her extremely lazy. She would rather spend her twos and fews on kicking it with her friends and getting high, totally forgetting the big picture here. She has 3 children that seh needs to guide in the right direction. She needs to teach them responsibility, but how can she do that if she does not know responsibility her self. I tried talking to her and telling her she needs to maybe sign up for school or something if she is not trying to work right now. Butr like the old saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water but you cant make them drink’.

With that being said, to answer my question ” Should weed be Legalized”?


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Racism in the workplace

Racism- a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
Racism in the workplace is not uncommon and happens very frequently. Racism in the workplace is someone being discriminated against because of the skin of their color which ultimately affects there position at that work site.
For example, Person A and Person B has the same credentials and qualifications. Person B however, is Asian, and is applying to an predominately African-American place. Person A is African-American. Person B was contacted and told they didn’t get the job because they didn’t “fit in”. This is an example of Racism in the workplace.
Another example is if an person is working and told not to go into the meeting because it’s White’s only. You may be thinking that’s crazy but it has happened before.
If Racism in the workplace is happening to you. You have to take action immediately. HOWEVER, look at the situation objectively to determine whether it is actually a case of racism or simply a misinterpretation of the situation. Racial slurs and other obvious forms of racism are not likely to be misinterpreted, but more subtle comments may not have the racist intention that they appear to have. Ask for a clarification if you aren’t sure whether a comment or action was meant to be racist or not. It would be pretty embarrassing to be not right about an situation and would make your workplace extremely awkward.
If, in fact it is, then Don’t put off reporting racism. If it’s obvious that racism has occurred, take action as quickly as possible to report it. If others were present when the comment was made or the action was taken, ask them to come with you to back up your claim. Contact the USEEOC through a union representative or attorney if your claim of racism in the workplace isn’t taken seriously or if it is ignored. The job of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is to make sure that companies follow the law as set forth by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and they will investigate your claim to determine why your company seems unwilling to take any action in regards to your discrimination claim.
In sum, Racism int he workplace is tricky to identify, however, proper steps should be taken in order for justice to be served and make sure it will never happen again.

DISCUSS: Has Racism ever occurred to you at work? If so, comment and tell us a little about it!

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Welcome to Voice it Blogazine

What’s up? This is the Voice it Blogazine, which is the blog that  is the blog of the publication Voice It Magazine. Here we will discuss problems in the community, and what you guys can do to fix them. We aim to dissect the problems one by one and keep you guys aware of your surroundings. We always encourage comments to spark an conversation off of the topics of our blog and give your honest opinion. We want YOU to voice it.  So let’s get started.

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