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Written by Shanell McNair   
Sunday, 15 August 2010 19:03

Schools Closing



A new Transformation Reform Plan will go into effective as of June 2010

· 18 Cleveland schools will close

· 4500 students will be replace in other schools

· 545 teachers will be laid off

· 117 support staff will be laid off

· 67 high school administrator will be laid

· 44 k-8 administrators will be laid off

The Cleveland Metropolitan School district is faced with a $52.8 million deficit. ”The Budget” falls short, and part of the national crisis ignited from homes in foreclosure and property taxes.

Dr Eugene Sander chief of Cleveland Metropolitan School district since 2006, is quiet aware of the increase in class rooms size from 20 to 40 children in a class, its a temporary fixed, it will take a lot of patience and hard work for these kids who really want to learn to stay focus. The schools that were chosen to close were due to lack of attendance, lack of enrollment and high crime rates in these areas.

Dr Eugene Sander urges the union to agree to cut down in pay and in healthcare so more teachers can stay on board. Dr Sanders hopes to net $30 million from “race to the top” with President Obama Education Reform Package in place and $30 million from other foundations and corporate communities.

The Transformations Reform Plan would like to better prepare students for college, for a career and to offer families better choices to choose from but also demand families to really be held accountable at all levels in their kid’s education. In five years the plan is to have all schools out of academic emergency and to raise the percentage of gradation from 54% to 90%. Dr Sanders will like to also see high schools divided into smaller academics of 400 to 600 students with placement test and career specialties together.

I’m a parent that lives in Cleveland, but I would not allow my kids to attend Cleveland public schools now. I’m willing to see what improvements can be made. I will like to see less money spent on security and more spent on the teacher’s salary. I will like to see 78,000 enrolled in schools it beats the current in enrollment of 50,000. I will like to see our children test score go up and our crime rate go down. What I do have a hard time understanding is how can we put so many people out of work and fight them on getting unemployment and healthcare. Nothing beats a failure but a try so Cleveland lets work together on this one because “It takes a village to raise a child”


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