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Written by Sherita Searcy   
Friday, 15 October 2010 21:38

Exclusive Interview with Rod “Success Coach” Kirby

Rod “Success Coach” Kirby defines himself as an innovative entrepreneur who is finally getting things right. As editor and chief of “The Success Center at www.rodkirby.com, Rod holds on to his faith in God, while also following several key principles that has taken him from one level to the next. In this exclusive interview, Rod shares his hard learned lessons, while explaining why it is important for him to stay in purpose and sharing key principles to maintaining business success.

MXO: What is the best thing about being in “this position?”

RK: I have never been in this position before – it is a new place and (creating the blog) is the best thing I have ever done.


Several years prior to the launch of his website, Rod served as a graphic designer. A high school mentor taught him about foundation and understanding your craft. “He taught me key principles to business success that I still use today,” Rod said. With a desire to explore other career options, Rod began to research new ways to reinvent himself and came across the emerging concept of blogging. In his heart, Rod knew blogging would be an innovative way to generate additional income, while also connecting with people who could use his services. He decided to transition from graphic design, but he wanted to enter the game with a win-win deal for all parties involved. He launched the blog for a period of time and then scheduled a re-launch effort in March 2009. Rod researched blogging and social networking to gain new skills and resources in his budding craft, while creating a timeline to implement his plan. In these moments, Rod was in the heart of his new entrepreneurial journey.

RK: The old Rod use to gather (get rich quick) ideas to hustle up money for the moment. Creating The Success Center was a “God idea” – this site would be used to help me and someone else.

In the midst of the transition, Rod faced internal obstacles of procrastination, fear, a push to be consistent and constant thoughts of NOT wanting to go broke in the transition process.


MXO: How were you able to make it through the rough days?

RK: My faith in God and being consistent in the idea of not being rich or famous, but making a difference in the lives of other people. In creating the site, my finances were not fluid and I kept thinking, “How are you going to show people how to make money and you are not rich?” I came to the conclusion that, God uses people where they are. Often times, (in the beginning of this process) I did not know the answer to the questions people had. Instead of trying to say just anything, I focused on being honest and helping them by sharing the resources I had.

The road for Rod is growing broader daily as he provides a full serving of guest editorial columns, interesting tools/resources for business growth, tutorial videos, video spotlights and valuable advice to the number of friends and business associates who has joined Rodkirby.com. His website building strategy was untraditional as he focused on “not doing everything at one time” and not immediately concentrating on gaining advertising revenue. The transition is getting fluid and Rod has found himself adding more products and services to the site, including business coaching and audio books.

MXO: When you are coaching others what do you find most interesting about the experience?

RK: When I talk to people and coach them, God speaks to and through me. Everything I say to someone it serves as a reflection. (So, what is for them is also for me and vice versa).

The road to success can sometimes be hard, as many people find themselves giving in to failure and doubt. Over the past year, Rod has encountered many that have faced failure and give up on their dreams — rarely looking to learn from their mistakes and position themselves for a new opportunity to move forward.

MXO: So, Rod how can people move on from failure. How would you define it?

RK: Failure is dream or vision unused. If there is something you feel strongly about – Do it! Not doing what you want to do is failure. It’s like being in the baseball game and not stepping to plate to swing the bat. (You have to get in the game if you want to play.

Playing in the game is essential as so many business professionals are looking to strike a balance between action and preparation. Preparation through education has served as a hallmark of accomplishment for many who want to achieve the best that life has to offer. Yet many entrepreneurs and business owners find themselves sometimes confused as to the direction they should follow when going after their dreams.


MXO: Rod, what is your perspective on education and the role it plays in entrepreneurship and business success.

RK: Education is really important because it is designed to help you get a job. Education can train/prepare you (for what you will do), but it can’t help you to get there. You can only do (what you are called to do) by stepping out on faith and getting your hands dirty.

The road for Rod is just beginning as he maps out future plans for “The Success Center” to become a nationally syndicated and televised blog and talk show. He encourages people of all nationalities, creeds and cultures to stay inspired, informed, and to gain wisdom through reading and setting your goals high.

MXO: Rod, what is your advice to people who want to excel in business success.

RK: Consistency and Excellence. Consistency brings people to you through awareness. Excellence reminds them (that what you have is) good stuff – and that will be sure to keep them around.”

“This place feels comfortable, and I know it can only get better. I am not going to get too comfortable because I know there is more to come,” Rod Kirby.

To learn more about Rod “Success Coach” Kirby or to access his audio books, business coaching services or business resources visit on www.rodkirby.com.


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