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Friday, 15 October 2010 21:47

Wess Morgan Is Moving “In An Open Heaven” Exclusive




On a whirlwind tour to promote his new CD, “An Open Heaven,” Pastor Wess Morgan took a break from his jam packed schedule to grant an exclusive interview with Pull Magazine. His charismatic personality was infectious and inspiring as he guided us into his personal world and shared insights on his path back to God. Wess shared more about his triumph over drug addition, how having accountability partners saved his life, why focusing on God’s plan is so important to the addiction recovery process and the true benefit of worship.


An Open Heaven



Wess recently gained quick success and is becoming increasingly popular for his ability to sing from the soul and render melodic sounds that ushers its listeners to a unique and unforgettable praise and worship experience. That practice is also coupled with his charismatic ability to share God’s word and his dynamic testimony with people in search of the truth regarding their life’s meaning and purpose.

It would seem that the grandeur of success and a heart to worship God came easy for Wess, but the glimmer that shines now was a distant fantasy to his original path of destruction and deep battle with alcohol and drug abuse.

The Beginning ….

As a youth, Wess traveled and sung gospel music along side his parents Pastors Joseph & Yolanda Morgan and his siblings. As his teen years loomed, Wess began to stray into a life of using and abusing drugs and alcohol. The addiction was devastatingly deep and Wess found himself in and out of jail, and drug recovery centers – pushing him away from a stable support system. A future filled with success (in God) during these times appeared dim for Wess as many were beginning to give up hope that he could be saved from this path of destruction. Yet, his close family and friends continued to pray and believe God for his complete and ultimate healing. Their prayers were getting ready to be answered.

In a final round of jail time, Wess found himself at wits end with life, cried out to God to save him in a major way and show him what it truly means to live a life in purpose. That moment marked the beginning of an uphill battle of late night tears, fighting through withdrawals, dependence on family and friends for emotional and spiritual support and most importantly a continued cry for God’s will to be perfected in his life.

A Change of Heart

Wess is moving in a new life with God and now wholeheartedly serves in his purpose, embracing his mission to be an agent of change.

MXO: Why is it important for you to serve as an agent of change?

WM: I have been called to serve as a Christian role model, to contribute and find purpose. I have been placed (in this time and season) to become relevant to God’s people. I also have be positioned as an empathetic worshiper not only for myself, but to impart and share the double portion of anointing (through worship) with others around me.

MXO: How has the concept of worship help to transform you as a person?

WM: We have Christ (meaning The Anointed One) within us. Christ is the anointing that resides within us. Worship is the atmosphere created to magnify the God in YOU. When you position yourself to worship God – that praise magnified and makes the God in you bigger than life. So in essence, worshiping Christ increases the anointing inside of you.

MXO: So, why is it so important for you to promote the power of praise and worship through your sophomore album, Under an Open Heaven?

WM: In this season there is so much negativity in our economic system and society. The system is failing and it is affecting all of our lives in a major way.  You will only get engrossed in what you magnify — and whatever you magnify will manifest. I want to encourage people to take emphasis of what is wrong. Instead, take that attention and redirect that energy on Christ. He will begin to overwhelm the issue or problem you have. It is just like taking a magnifying glass and directing it on your personal worship experience – in those moments you will truly see God. God is so much bigger than everything that is wrong in life and this world.

Wess marked the start of his new mission by releasing “Look At Me Now,” under his own record label Bow World Music. His debut CD was quickly embraced by the Christian media industry who publicized his remarkable triumph with alcohol and drug recovery.
Making a Difference

Today, Wess Morgan is the founder of the Wess Morgan Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is focused on drug and alcohol prevention and recovery. The foundation works with other churches, government programs, civic and community centers near and far to help educate and steer youth away from the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse. Now, Wess is ready to give the world a new sound of worship through his sophomore album, “Under an Open Heaven,” featuring him and the Celebration of Life Church Choir where Wess serves as Senior Worship Leader and Associate Pastor.

MXO: So, in making the CD, what was the most challenging moment and how did it help you grow as a person and worship leader?

WM: Well, anything moving has friction. I worked with different personalities and doing so is like operating a moving machine. The most challenging component to producing the CD was dealing with people. Sometimes people and personal agendas have a way of holding up the fluid process of plans and purpose. If a person holds their personal purpose above the common goal – friction occurs. It is when everyone can get on the same page – you will see things will move forward more efficiently, with limited chaos. In that effort, God is glorified.

MXO: God does gain glory in unity. Outside of your purpose in the worship, you also created the Wess Morgan Foundation for at-risk youths battling drug abuse. Why was it important for you to create a non-profit organization for drug and alcohol prevention when so many programs of that nature already exist?

WM: My home life and background are different and unique, so I have a great panoramic view of most programs that exist. So much of the focus (in pre-existing programs) is about how not to get high or drink. Most 12-step programs teach principles – then people start burning incents to them. That is not true freedom. There is such a distinct difference between a program and God transforming your life and setting you free. Our concentration is primarily about focus. We encourage people to take ownership of their addiction and refocus on what is holding them back.

MXO: So now that you have come into purpose, what advice do you have for others who want to overcome their barriers to serving God and be who He has called them to be?

The road is clearing for Wess and God’s work in and through him is just beginning. Overcoming triumph is about making a true personal choice to let go and do what it takes to move back to your true God nature. Wess lives everyday of his life pushing into God and magnifying his double portion of anointing across the nation through praise and worship music. The choice we make today will be the reality facing us tomorrow. Success never guarantees that new challenges will not arise.

MXO: It would seem to the world that your story of triumph and overcoming is picture perfect now that you have returned to do a greater work. What challenges do you still contend with and how is it helping you to stay the course?

WM: The biggest challenge is paying for the consequences of bad choices made in the past. There are certain laws you can not break. When you make certain choices that threaten your destiny, there is still a price to be paid. When I got cleaned up it took me years to get clean. The harvest of bad seeds still came up from my past. But I was encouraged to work and continually refocus.

For more information about Wess Morgan or to purchase his CD, “An Open Heaven”  www.wessmorgan.com


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