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Written by Sherita Searcy   
Tuesday, 23 November 2010 12:31

Music is life. Its origin is birthed from the soul, filtered through the heart and translated into melodies that are uniquely interpreted by the world. Eriq Troi, an Akron, OH producer, songwriter and musician lives this story! VOICE IT secured an exclusive interview with Eriq who shared his insights about life, purpose, music and “living in the zone.”

VOICE IT: Eriq, thank you for inviting us into your world.

Eriq: The pleasure is mine. Thank you for having me.

VOICE IT: How did you become interested in music?

Eriq: I have been around music all of my life. My first introduction was through my uncle who played the drums. When he had jam sessions, he would let me hit on the drums and play around with the instruments. Sometimes, I would just sit and listen to the beats and sounds. I surrounded myself with it and music became apart of me – now it is who I have become.

VOICE IT: Right now you are now a songwriter, producer and instrumental player of Elemental Hard Groove. Most fans describe your sound as a mix between George Clinton and Prince. How are you able to get into that zone?

Eriq: ….(letting out a soft laugh). That is like asking a bird how does it fly! It is just a part of me and when I play– I am able to go into a deep spiritual place within myself and just create. I don't analyze it or over do it – I just feel it and trust the sound.

VOICE IT: You have been in the music industry for more than 20 years, how do you feel about artist who enter the industry just for the fame and fashion of it?

Eriq: There is a difference between being a music artist and being a commercial artist. I am an artist. I make music that it true to the journey I am on. My music is an interpretation of my life and the things I have experienced or have yet to experience on this journey. I may not be on a stage with millions of people screaming my name, but the message I have to tell is being heard. On the other hand, there are people in the music industry who are in the business because OF the business. There is an attraction to the industry because its picture of fame, fortune and fantasy. Its important to look at the heart of the musician, understand their journey and see the reasons why music has become a facet of their life and how they are using that music to affect the lives of other people.

VOICE IT: You talked about purpose and spirituality, tell us more about why you think that is important to mankind in general?

Eriq: I believe we all have a purpose within us to share in the earth. Music is the universal language of the world, and every time I hit the stage – pull out my guitar and start playing – my purpose is shared and released back into the atmosphere.

VOICE IT: What is next for Eriq Troi?

Eriq:...(chuckles) Growth! Right now I am working on a major project with a few artist as a producer. I am also working on the worldwide collaboration CD of EHG “eHg2 Earth Math,” in addition to finishing up Musique Couture. Visit us at http://reverbnation.com/ehg and http://soundcloud.com/eriq-troi

VOICE IT: What advice do you have for aspiring musicians?

Eriq: Creating music is an act of faith. YOUR creation will be subjected to man's ridicule and criticism. That being known, (you have to continually ask yourself) what's more important? The obedience to the creative force inside you (i.e. GOD or what/whom ever you call it/her/him) or someone with an opinion? No matter the conclusion, Turn it up LOUD and live it!

Visit Eriq Troi on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/eriqtroi and hear /download his music at http://www.makehitmusic.com/ehg.

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