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NBA Top 10

Week of January 2nd 2012

1. Miami Heat                           5-1

2. Chicago Bulls                         5-1

3. Portland Trailblazers           4-1

4. Oklahoma City Thunder     5-2

5. Indiana Pacers                      4-1

6. Denver Nuggets                    4-2

7. Atlanta Hawks                       4-2

8. Orlando Magic                       4-2

9. Boston Celtics                        3-3

10. LA Lakers                            4-3

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Cleveland Browns 2011

Well another sub par football season has come to an end. With the Browns finishing in their usual position in the AFC North last place. I have some opinions on the 2011 season. First off the front office really needs to determine if there is a future with QB’S Colt McCoy or Seneca Wallace. To me neither is that franchise guy simple and plain. I think McCoy can be a decent player in the NFL but franchise QB not. And Seneca has been a career backup and in these last 3 games that he has started we know why he is the backup QB!! But one thing for sure the receivers on this team is the position that really needs to be upgraded either in free agency or the draft. Greg Little and Josh Cribbs would be the only receivers back from 2011. The right side of the Offensive line needs to be addressed and another running back with a burst of speed is needed. On defense we need some play making linebackers to go along with D’qwell Jackson and another Defensive End and another corner back or safety. Coaching wise Pat Shurmur needs to have an offensive coordinator calling the plays because the offense this year was a complete train wreck. The defense for sure is miles ahead of the offense but overall more team speed is definitely needed. This years draft and free agency we will see if the Browns regime is serious about stepping up their game to compete in the AFC North. Unlike many I am not on the Shurmur must go train but I do think some of the play calls and game strategy was not up to par. But this is his 1st year ever as a head coach and we cant keep changing head coaches every 2 years.

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My NBA Preseason Top 10


1.   Miami Heat

2.  Oklahoma City Thunder

3.   Chicago Bulls

4.   Boston Celtics

5.   LA Lakers

6.   New York Knicks

7.   Dallas Mavericks

8.   San Antonio Spurs

9.   Orlando Magic (If Dwight Howard Isn’t Traded)

10. Portland Trailblazers

Surprise Team  LA Clippers

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I’m Back MY New Post Will Be On Monday August 8th!!

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NBA Western Conference Finals Take

Oklahoma City Thunder vs Dallas Mavericks

In the most unlikely of possible match ups The Oklahoma City Thunder will take on The Dallas Mavericks in this years Western Conference Finals. Dallas already leads the series 1-0 with Dirk Nowitzki leading the way for Dallas scoring 48 points. For the Thunder to win this series somebody has to guard Dirk Nowitzki they are not going to shut him down completely because he is gonna score but the Thunder has to make it difficult for him and put him in uncomfortable positions. And Westbrook is gonna have to come up big in this series also by making sound point guard decisions. Dallas has the deepest team out of the four playoff teams still active. So it will be very tough for the Thunder in this series.

My Prediction

Dallas Mavericks winning this series in 6 games and on to the NBA Finals.

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My Weekly Sports (Week of May 15th 2011)


The Dallas Mavericks are awaiting the winner of the Game 7 between the Memphis Grizzlies and Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Semifinals. My take is this will be a very close competitive game in which either team could win. But I think Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook will carry the Thunder to the Western Conference Finals in a very competitive game.

Eastern Conference Finals

Miami vs Chicago

The New Big 3 vs The MVP this series will be a defensive battle all the way On Chicago Carlos Boozer must play big in this series to give Derrick Rose a second option in the offense and still hit the boards. Luol Deng is going to have to be that consistent 3rd scoring option for the Bulls. For The Heat its simple their Big 3 just has to do what they have been doing in the playoffs so far because if Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, & Chris Bosh be on their game they will be very tough to beat in a 7 game series.

My Prediction

The Miami Heat winning this series in 6 games too much of the Big 3 for The Bulls to overcome.


Dont look now But the Cleveland Indians have the best won loss record in the American League at 24-13. Strong pitching and defense along with timely hitting have carried the Indians so far. Hopefully the Tribe can keep it going but for so far so good. But if they continue to contend they will need another right hand bat in the lineup and maybe another starting pitcher.

Tribe History

On this day 30 years ago Cleveland Indians Pitcher Len Barker pitched a perfect game against the Toronto Blue Jays winning 3-0 at the Old Municipal Stadium in front of a small crowd of 7,200.

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NBA Playoffs Edition

Its that time of the year all basketball fans have been waiting for The NBA Playoffs. I will preview each 1st round series match up in the East and Western Conferences so lets ride.

Eastern Conference

1 Chicago Bulls vs 8 Indiana Pacers

In this match up The Bulls led by Derrick Rose will begin their quest through the playoffs taking on the 8th seeded Pacers. If The Bulls just take care of business they should win this series in 5 games in the very least and advance into the 2nd round.

Chicago wins in 5 games.

2 Miami Heat vs 7 Philadelphia 76ers

The Miami Heat will take on the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1st round. The Heat should win this series but the 76ers do have the advantage in the paint with Elton Brand and Marrese Speights but the Heat have way more with their big 3 James, Wade, & Bosh.

Miami wins in 5 games.

3 Boston Celtics vs 6 New York Knicks

This is the most intriguing series in the Eastern Conference If the Knicks can get Boston into a scoring contest they may pull of the upset. Boston needs The Oneal’s both Shaq & Jermaine to play big in this series. If the Knicks stay close late in the games anything can happen. But I think the Celtics will survive.

Boston wins in 6 games.

4 Orlando Magic vs 5 Atlanta Hawks

This series will be a war Atlanta won the season series 3-1 but now its the post season and Orlando will be out for blood. If Dwight Howard can stay out of foul trouble The Magic will be hard to beat especially if his supporting cast is on their A game. The Hawks must prove they can hang with the big boys but I dont think it will happen in this series.

Orlando wins in 6 games.

The Western Conference

1 San Antonio vs 8 Memphis

Both teams split the season series but San Antonio has way more playoff experience even though Memphis has played the Spurs tough this year i think the games will be close but the Spurs will move on to the 2nd round.

San Antonio wins in 5 games.

2 Los Angeles Lakers vs 7 New Orleans Hornets

The Lakers will start defense of their title against the Hornets in a series that should end short and quick if The Lakers are focused. Chris Paul should have his way in this series but the Lakers will prevail.

Lakers sweep or win in 5 games.

3 Dallas Mavericks vs 6 Portland Trailblazers

This will be a long series many think Portland will upset Dallas but not so fast The Mavericks will give Portland all they can handle in this series. This will be a epic battle but I think Dallas will survive and move on to the 2nd round.

Dallas wins in 7 games.

4 Oklahoma City Thunder vs 5 Denver Nuggets

This match up will be a good one this series will go at least 6 games with a good possibility of going the full 7. The key to this series is if now can The Thunder take it to the next level against a very balanced Denver team. I think Kevin Durant will lead the the Thunder past The Nuggets and move on to the 2nd round.

Oklahoma City wins in 7 games.

Well thats my predictions for the 1st round of the NBA Playoffs and until next week be safe and blessed.

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My Weekly Sports (Week Of April 11 2011)

College Basketball

Well good thing the season is over I cant jack up no more College Basketball Game predictions on the Men or Womens side. But congratulations to the U Conn Mens and the Texas A&M Ladies for winning their NCAA Tournaments. But I will say this the Womens Championship Game was more interesting than the Mens Championship Game.


Well as the College season ends the NBA playoffs will soon begin my favorite time of the year. San Antonio and Chicago may have the best records and home court advantage in the East and Western Conferences but In my opinion they are not the favorites to meet in the NBA Finals in June. I will have my 1st round playoff predictions later on this week stayed tuned.


Now who would’ve thought that the Cleveland Indians would be in first place in the AL Central Division. And that the Boston Red Sox  would start out the gate at 2-7. It is early but If the Tribe can continue to play fundamentally sound baseball they could make things interesting this season. But for the Tribe so far so good. But for the now retired Manny Ramirez how could go so bad so quickly. Its one thing to get caught once but three times including twice in two years I guess we can say it was just Manny being Manny.


The Cleveland Gladiators are undefeated at 3-0 and will take on the winless New Orleans Voodoo This Saturday April 16th at 7:30 pm at the Q Arena.


The WNBA had their draft on Monday guess who was the 1st pick no surprise Maya Moore formerly of U Conn went to the Minnesota Lynx. And Cleveland’s own Jantel Lavender was drafted 10th by the Los Angeles Sparks

Thats it for now until later on this week so stay safe and blessed.

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My NCAA Title Game Predictions

Mens Championship

Butler vs U Conn

Tonight the most unlikely matchup of all bracket scenarios has happened. 8th seed Butler vs 3rd seed U Conn. This will be a defensive minded game in which the team who can effectively rebound the best will be the National Champion. Both teams mirror each other each having a scoring minded point guard and both teams like to crash the boards. Which ever team that can be the most effective will win this game.

My prediction

Butler 65 U Conn 60

Womens Title Game

Texas A&M vs Notre Dame

An unlikely matchup also Texas A&M rallied to beat Stanford in the final seconds and Notre Dame handled Big East rival U Conn to play for the National Title. This will be a entertaining and very close game on Tuesday night. This game will probably be decided in the final seconds.

My Prediction

Notre Dame 72 Texas A&M 69

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